Free Entry with EVERY £10 Deposit! Three Super, Unique Handmade Coin Rings to be Won!
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Congratulations to all of our winners!

This draw was drawn live at 7:00pm on 10th May 2021.

You can check the winners of this Prize Draw by clicking on the winning ticket numbers below. Please ensure that if you are a winner, to keep an eye out for an email from us.

See you in the next Live Draw!

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Prize Details
How it Works
Prize Details
Half Crown Coin Ring
Brad Woolley
Two Shillings Coin Ring
Sarah K
One Shilling Coin Ring
About This Draw
For every £10, you credit your Diggers Dips account, you will receive one entry into this draw! Multiples of the £10 will give you multiple entries and you can use your deposit on any other draw, Diggers Digs games or even to increase your chances in this draw!
How it Works
Entering a Live Draw is easy! Let us randomly generate your tickets for you or choose your own fate by selecting any of the remaining tickets available.

Live Draw
Make sure to check back and watch the Live Draw take place in real time. Entrants will be notified by email once the last ticket has been sold, and a countdown will appear on this page indicating when the Live Draw will take place. Keep your eyes peeled!

All winners will receive a winners email, where we will request their preferred delivery address to send out their prize. All prizes are despatched the very next working day by our preferred and trusted suppliers, Leisure Promotions.
Prize Draw Entrants (26)
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