Prize Leaderboard
1st Place
Nokta Pointer
448 Points
2nd Place
Minelab Pro-Find 15
423 Points
3rd Place
Garrett All Purpose Backpack
415 Points
4th Place
Coin Clock
413 Points
5th Place
Tokens & Tallies 3 Editions
405 Points
6th Place
Nokta Makro Finds Pouch
401 Points
7th Place
Keens digs
Coin Pod
391 Points
8th Place
Black Ada Dagger
390 Points
9th Place
Lou La
1 Snake Skinz - Choose Your Colour
389 Points
10th Place
5 Diggers Dips Tokens
388 Points
11th Place
388 Points
12th Place
386 Points
13th Place
382 Points
14th Place
378 Points
15th Place
376 Points
Upper Fairview Farm Mini Dig
Welcome to Upper Fairview Farm, your permission in this Mini Dig, our exciting new addition to the Diggers Dips prize winning platform!

A quick, easy and fun way to win fantastic prizes with a guaranteed finishing date!

With unlimited dig attempts to find 15 point scoring items that will move you up the leaderboard, this new game offers everyone the opportunity to join in the fun any day at any time!

The Upper Fairview Farm Mini Dig closed Friday, 5th August at 7:00pm.

Everyone is welcome to play the Upper Fairview Farm Mini Dig, but please note prizes can currently only be despatched within the UK.
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How It Works
Mini Dig Finished
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