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Diggers Dips Hits 3000 Members!

We are pleased to announce we achieved 3000 new members just before Christmas! Thank you to everyone that joined us and welcome to Diggers Dips.

2021 is going to see some exciting new features for the draws and especially the game, Diggers Digs.

So a Happy New Year to you all and hope it's a good one!

Website Changes

We are really excited today to have launched our new game Diggers Digs!

A virtual metal detecting game where you can win great prizes for FREE!

We have also launched the Diggers Dips Book Club. Here you can win some fantastic metal detecting books and with the low amount of tickets available, the chances of win

Diggers Dips Hits 2000 Members!

Today we have achieved 2000 members, a fantastic achievement, thank you to everyone who has supported us!

It's a lucky day for our 2000th member, Mark1968 who has just been credited with 20 tokens to spend on any draw. Well done! 

Our next target now under way. The more members,

One Week, One Thousand Members!

Wow! Since launch on Monday 8th June, the level of support has been amazing! Today, 9 days later, we have had our 1000th member register!

This really does give us the confidence to be able to move forward with new features and ensure our developer Paul doesn't get a day off for the foreseeable future!

Keep an eye out for announcements as w

Prize Draw Replay

In order to review previous draws, our developer Paul has added a link that will appear on all finished draws allowing you to watch It live as it happened. The link will be at the end of the 'Congratulations to the Winners' announcement at the end of the prize draw.

Free Prize Draw

Diggers Dips are pleased to offer a free prize draw which will take place on Sunday 14th June 2020.

There are 500 tickets available and the draw will take place at 7pm.

This is our first free draw and we are very excited as our members will see how our random number generator works.

Anyone can grab a ticket up until the last one is taken. There

First Day Live!

Phew! Well that's the launch day nearly over and Paul, our partner and web developer in Diggers Dips, along with myself and Jordan have just breathed a big sigh! Paul had to make a few adjustments here and there and we are really grateful for the feedback received.

The site performed really well, it's loading quickly and people seem to think it looks nice and slick. Please feel

Diggers Dips, the Launch!

Today we have launched Diggers Dips, a prize draw platform for groups to raise funds to improve the hobby and support their charities.

We are pleased to be associated with the following organisations:

The Metal Detectives 

Lets Go Digging

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