What is Diggers Digs?
Diggers Digs is our free to play virtual detecting game, with a Prize Leaderboard for the monthly top scorers. You can find out more here.
What is Detectathon?
Detectathon is exactly what it suggests, a Detecting Marathon! It's our monthly virtual detecting rally, with a Prize Leaderboard for the top scorers and limited passes available to take part. You can find out more here.
Is this legal?
Of course! We are not regulated by the Gambling Commission as prize competitions and draws are free from control under Gambling Act 2005 (https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2005/19/contents). However, we do comply with the rules set out by the Gambling Commission in regards to prize competitions and free draws.
How can I pay for my Prize Draw tickets?
Prize Draw tickets are purchased using Diggers Dips tokens. Diggers Dips tokens are purchased through Stripe, a technical, fraud prevention banking infrastructure for online payments. This allows you to use your credit or debit card to pay for tokens securely.
How much are tokens?
1 token = £1. There is a minimum purchase of 5 tokens per transaction.
How many Prize Draw tickets can I purchase?
There are no limits to the number of tickets you can purchase in any Prize Draw, up to the number of tickets available.
Can I select my own choice of numbers?
Number availability is shown on each Prize Draw. You can select any number that has not already been purchased. Alternatively, you may choose to randomly select your tickets.
Can I enter any Prize Draw on Diggers Dips?
Once you have registered, you can purchase tickets in any Prize Draw.
When is the Prize Draw?
If the final ticket in a Prize Draw is sold before 5pm, the draw will take place that same day at 7pm. This is to give all entrants a chance to watch the Prize Draw live. If the final ticket is sold past 5pm, the Prize Draw will take place the next day at 7pm. However, this is a just a rough guideline. If there are numerous Prize Draws due to be drawn, then they may be allocated a different timeslot (e.g 7:00pm, 7:10pm, 7:20pm). Entrants will be notified with the time of the draw by email.
How is the winner decided?
All of our draws are broadcasted live on our website, using a third-party random number generator (www.random.org). Once the final ticket has been sold, all ticket numbers will be entered and a winner will be drawn in real-time. You can watch any draw live by clicking on the draw when its due to take place. All entrants will receive an email notifying them with a time for the draw.
How do winners receive their prizes?
As soon as a winner is announced, the prize will be despatched the very next day by our preferred suppliers. Delivery will always be by a recognised courier and require a signature on receipt.
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