This Month 113,444 Items Have Been Found Scoring 2,330,180 Points!
Saxon Brooch
80 points
Roman Brooch
20 points
55 Dig Attempts
Each Game On
Tree Tops Farm
Bronze Belt Buckle
10 points
Ring Pull
3 points
How does it work?
Sign Up or Sign In and head over to the daily permission to start your FREE game.
Your highest scoring game of the day will count towards your total monthly score.
Simply move your detector around the permission, find a place to dig and recover items that are worth points.
The players at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the month will win their respective placement prize!
1st Place - Nokta Makro Simplex+ with Headphones
2nd Place - Vanquish 340
3rd Place - Nokta Makro Midi Hoard
4th Place - Black Ada Gladius Stainless Steel Spade
5th Place - Searcher Ultimate Carry Bag
6th Place - A History of Roman Coinage in Britain
7th Place - Magnifying Coin Cleaning Station
8th Place - 1977 Jubilee Crown Ring
9th Place - Searcher PRO Finds and Tool Bag
10th Place - Black Ada Maximus Black Spade
11th Place - Half Crown Coin Ring
12th Place - Finds Identified New Edition
13th Place - Finds Identified I
14th Place - Searcher Rucksack
15th Place - Composite Cleaning Pencil Bundle
16th Place - Nokta Makro Sand Scoop
17th Place - Two Shillings Coin Ring
18th Place - Garrett Easy Stow Headphones
19th Place - Black Ada Sodbuster (Black)
20th Place - 20 Diggers Dips Tokens
21st Place - 25 Free Diggers Digs Games
22nd Place - Composite Cleaning Pencil Trio Pack
23rd Place - 15 Diggers Dips Tokens
24th Place - Cleaning Pencil -
25th Place - 10 Diggers Dips Tokens
25 Prizes
To Be Won In September
Detectors, Spades, Accessories, Books and More!
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